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Baby blues – Chicago Baby Photographer


Is it finally summer here in Chicago? In between the rain and storms that we’ve had here, we have glimpses of beautiful days like today. Where the sky is almost as blue as this sweet baby boy’s eyes.

But not quite. I mean, look at those blue eyes!!

BFF Day! – Chicago Baby Photographer


Raise your hand if growing up some of your best friends were your cousins – that would definitely describe me! It was the perfect scenario – our families were often together so I got to see them all the time! And I had plenty to choose from!! Last week one of my friends texted me that it was BFF Day – who knew that was even a thing!?! Anyway, these girls would certainly qualify (for both cousins and BFF’s) Love that they both brought their Elmo dolls to the session &#8211


Funny not funny. – Chicago Children’s Photographer


“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different . . . ”  C.S. Lewis

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This quote can be applied to so many different situations, relationships, and of course watching children change and grow. Every fall when school starts (technically, it’s still summer when school starts!!) I tell myself


simply gorgeous. Chicago Portrait Photographer


I LOVE doing these mother/daughter sessions!! But I ESPECIALLY love when they come in and see their images for the first time.  Why you may ask? Because most women think they are going to come in and flip through the images and maybe pick one or two they don’t hate. They think that they’ll be at the studio for about 10 minutes. They think that the photo session itself was an amazing, pampering, fun experience that they will remember and cherish but they *know* that they are not photogenic


Meet the team! – Chicago Headshot Photographer


I am so lucky to have two talented women that help me run my business and let me do what I love to do – they make my life much easier and I am so thankful for both of them. Since I’ve taken photos of both of them, I thought I’d show you who they are and tell you a little about them!

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Chances are if you’ve emailed the studio, you’ve corresponded


All smiles – Chicago Portrait Photographer


The only thing I like more than watching a mother look at photos of her child(ren) from a session is watching a woman look at photos of herself from a fashion-inspired photo session! I love this! It give me chills every time! It usually goes like this – I show them the photos, they look at the photos, they look at me, sometimes a gasp is heard, sometimes a “is that me?!”, sometimes a tissue is needed. This beautiful woman had THE best thing to say – “It makes me smile


sweet baby – chicago newborn photographer


Is there any better place to fall asleep than in the arms of mommy or daddy? I don’t think so! For being only two weeks old, this baby girl was one smart cookie!!

all fun, all the time – chicago family photographer


The question I always ask families or anyone I’m about to photograph is what they’d like to capture in the images, what is their vision for the session? I’d say that one of the most common answers for families is that they are looking to capture the personality of their family, “candid” moments, they don’t want to looked too posed, etc. I love these kind of answers!! To me, this means that this person has clearly looked at my website or my blog and has