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Interview with Sheila Petersen from lovechange


Today I have the privilege of speaking with life coach, Sheila Petersen. I recently met Sheila through a networking group I joined (Women Belong) and Sheila and I hit it off immediately. We are all experiencing change in the key areas of life such as nutrition, relationships, money and career. Sheila empowers you to embrace change by bridging the gap from where you are to where you want to be. She focuses on holistic nutrition, personal growth and professional


4 things to do with your digital images! – Chicago Family Photographer


So you purchased all of your digital images – now what should you do with them??!!! If you are like many people, please don’t let them just sit on the flash drive! Digital images are great to have for archiving photos – but you can also do so many things with them!

The first thing you should do is share them! Share them on social media so your family and friends can enjoy them. Isn’t that the best thing about facebook? (It is for me!) I love to see


Love and connection – Family Photography Chicago


I’m always thrilled when a family chooses me to photograph them! When I spend a couple of hours with a family, I feel like I really get to know them and see how their family works and loves each other. So when a family comes back to me year after year – I feel really honored! I’ve had so many repeat clients this summer and for that I am always grateful. Knowing that the images that I am capturing for these families will become a part of their family story is a great privilege


3 tips to take better photos of your kids – Chicago Family Photography


Now that it’s summer, you may be taking more photos of your kids – either on vacation, or because of the holiday. Whatever the reason – here are 3 ways to improve those images:

1. Get down to their level. To really connect and make the photo seem more natural, get down to your kids’ level. Think about it, would you want to take a photo with your neck strained looking up? I wouldn’t! When you get down to their size, it’s less overwhelming for them.



Client-share Monday! – Baby Photography Chicago


I love Mondays. For so many reasons. I’m not going to lie, part of it has to do with everyone else in my house going off to work or school (or camp in the summer). I love the quiet and the calm – even if it’s just for an hour or two while my day gets started. But I also love Mondays because that is the day that I share images from a recent client session. I’m trying something new with my blog – Mondays will be a client share, Wednesdays will be a how-to, and Fridays


Interview with Kate Johnson – my favorite make up artist! – Chicago Boudoir Photographer


About 5 years ago when I started to photograph more portraits of women for boudoir sessions and glamour sessions, I was lucky enough to meet Kate Johnson. Many of you may have met her as she is my go-to person for hair and makeup! Not only do I use her services for my clients, but also for myself. She is someone I trust to give me the real scoop on all thing makeup and beauty related.

Kate is a bad ass boss babe – she is an artist with a team of people behind her but she is also an entrepreneur


How to create unique gifts and mementos from all the photos you have! – Chicago Family Photographer


Summer is finally here and if you’re anything like me, you have a bunch of photos from the end of the school year. Last day of school, maybe a graduation from kindergarten, 8th grade or high school. And also like me, they are all on your phone. Hey! This is a judgement-free zone here, I also use my phone for A LOT of photo taking! But if they’re on your phone, how will you enjoy them – or, how will your kids/family enjoy them if they can’t see them? Luckily, there are so


Summer in the Park – Family Photography Chicago


Outdoor sessions are in full swing! This is the time when Chicago can show off all the beautiful parks and green spaces – in addition to the miles and miles of lakefront. When a family chooses to have their photo session outside,  I have several parks throughout the city that are my “go-to” parks. Much of where we go has to do with where the family lives – I try to make it easier for them to get there. This is one of my favorite places – Winnemac Park. It never disappoints