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How Fun to be One!!! – Chicago Baby Photographer


What a treat to have this little beauty in the studio to celebrate her first birthday! First some photos, then some crawling around and playing (and more photos!), followed by some singing (and even more photos). And then, CAKE!!! (and yes, even more photos!!)

Sneaky Holiday Season! – Chicago Kid Photographer


It happens every year. The holidays sneak up on me. And I really don’t know how it happens since I start thinking about the holidays in August! Literally. Anyway, my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving) will soon be here and I’m looking forward to the time spent with family, friends and food. But right now, I’m thankful for clients who keep coming back to me! Like this little guy and his family! I love seeing how kids have changed over the course of a year – it’s so much


Such a treat! – Chicago Newborn Photographer


I hope everyone had a great Halloween, despite the less-than-ideal Chicago weather! Although, if someone is giving my kids free candy, they don’t really care what the weather is like – it could be snowing, sleeting, raining, whatever. I can always count on my youngest guy staying out for the full 3 hours getting as much candy as he possibly can!

Anyway, these twins were such a treat to have in the studio!!! Just look how sweet they are! I hope they are this sweet to each other their


City or suburbs? – Chicago family photographer


I love seeing clients that have been coming back to me year after year, kid after kid, new town after new town. When clients move from the city to the suburbs (as some do!) I’ll often get the panicked question – “do you come to the suburbs?!!?”  I assure them, yes! I do!! While I’m a city girl at heart, I love to get out of the city and explore the amazing parks that so many suburbs have to offer. So, if you are living in a suburb and have been wondering about a


Go Cubbies Go! – Chicago Kid’s Photographer


This little guy knows the Cubs are number one!! And I’m sure his family will be root, root rooting for the Cubbies tonight as they beat the Mets in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. What an exciting time to be a baseball fan in the city of Chicago! Let’s Go Cubbies!!!

Shalimar B Photography Featured on WCIU TV

I was so thrilled to be approached by WCIU’s morning talk show You & Me This Morning to appear in their segment “I Love My Job”!!! Because it’s true, I really do love my job! A big thank you to my amazing clients who appreciate me and the art I create for them!

Labor day weekend and double digits! – Chicago Children’s photographer


Every year at this time I’m brought back to my own “labor day”.  Ten years ago this weekend, my youngest son was born – which means he will be double digits this year, baby! I can hardly believe it. How can this be happening?

Whenever one of my boys’ birthday comes around I always try and take a moment out of the day and think about the actual day they were born. I think about the events of the day. How I felt. How things progressed. Things we said. The timeline of


Daddy and Me – Chicago Baby Photographer


When you’re the dad and you’re the photographer of the family, it’s rare that you get to see yourself in photos with your child, unless they are selfies or taken in a photo booth. I speak from experience. Not about the dad part.

So I’m always thrilled when this good friend and his wife ask me to photograph their family, not only because they are one of the most gorgeous families on the planet and I love them, but also because I want my friend to be able to see how he looks


Deb Bartel Jafraty - Shalimar what a beautiful blog, you wrote about my son and his family. Your pictures are beautiful. I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful words you wrote. Dan is a wonderful daddy, I love watching him and Annette with Ben.

shalimarb - Thanks for your kind words Deb! I agree - Dan is a great Daddy and I love watching the three of them together too!