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Meet the team! – Chicago Headshot Photographer


I am so lucky to have two talented women that help me run my business and let me do what I love to do – they make my life much easier and I am so thankful for both of them. Since I’ve taken photos of both of them, I thought I’d show you who they are and tell you a little about them!

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Chances are if you’ve emailed the studio, you’ve corresponded with Meg. She takes care of all of the email and does all of the scheduling. Meg is a busy mother of three busy boys but still manages to be the most organized person I’ve ever met AND manages to keep me in line! How does she do it?? Meg is seriously the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. Seriously. But, she also has the perfect amount of sass and humor mixed right in! I know


All smiles – Chicago Portrait Photographer


The only thing I like more than watching a mother look at photos of her child(ren) from a session is watching a woman look at photos of herself from a fashion-inspired photo session! I love this! It give me chills every time! It usually goes like this – I show them the photos, they look at the photos, they look at me, sometimes a gasp is heard, sometimes a “is that me?!”, sometimes a tissue is needed. This beautiful woman had THE best thing to say – “It makes me smile when I see myself smile.”

Every woman deserves a photo of herself that she loves. Every. Woman.

Call me to create yours.


sweet baby – chicago newborn photographer


Is there any better place to fall asleep than in the arms of mommy or daddy? I don’t think so! For being only two weeks old, this baby girl was one smart cookie!!

all fun, all the time – chicago family photographer


The question I always ask families or anyone I’m about to photograph is what they’d like to capture in the images, what is their vision for the session? I’d say that one of the most common answers for families is that they are looking to capture the personality of their family, “candid” moments, they don’t want to looked too posed, etc.
I love these kind of answers!! To me, this means that this person has clearly looked at my website or my blog and has seen that this is the type of photography that I love to do! Family sessions are fun and silly and full of laughs – kids get to do things in my studio that they don’t get to do at home and often they don’t want to leave when the session is over!

This fun family was referred from another amazing family that has been coming to me for years – and that is the biggest compliment I could


Beauty inside and out


You know when you meet someone and you think “well, this is a nice person!” and then you get to know them a little better and then you really see how great they are?!!  Yeah, that’s exactly what happened when I met Ingrid! She’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met – so encouraging and upbeat! But not in a phony way – she manages to be sweet, funny and kickass all at once. She is a fellow photographer and we had an amazing day together taking each other’s photos. Here are a couple of her photos that I took. I will be blogging about my experience on the opposite side of the camera soon!! Professional makeup by the fabulous Kate Johnson Artistry

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Elsie - I super proud and honored to be a part of your life and to call you one of my best you cuachita!!

Mary Carmen García Tapia - Beautiful

girl crush – chicago headshot photographer


Let’s talk girl crushes for a minute. everyone has one.  Some have a crush on Gywneth, while others have one on Princess Kate. Currently mine are Brittany Howard, lead singer/guitarist of the Alabama Shakes and Noelle Scaggs, the co-lead singer/songwriter for the Fitz and the Tantrums. (see a theme here?) I think I may just add someone a little more local to my list. Enter – Chris Bell – owner of the store Flatts & Sharpe. Not only does Chris fit the criteria of uber cool rocker chick (raspy voice included) but she is also a really sweet and caring woman, who really cares about the community she lives and works in, and the people that come into her stores. My two boys have been taking classes at her Rogers Park store for nearly four years and one thing that strikes


art director in the making? – chicago family photographer


this sweet boy had big plans for his studio session!! from the backdrops to who was being photographed, he had an opinion!! he was a kid after my own heart. obviously, i put him straight to work!!! his baby brother was just as sweet (although a little less vocal!)

sunshine and bubbles – chicago baby photographer


it may be 40 below here in chicago (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration) but we can still stay inside the studio where it’s nice and toasty and sunny and blow bubbles and not even think about the arctic tundra that is happening outside. at least that’s my plan…and i’m sticking to it!!!

Chicago Portrait Photographer | Chicago Family Photographer | Chicago Children’s Photographer | Chicago Baby Photographer