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A shout out to 5 year old boys

I know a lot of 5 year old boys.  (I have one of my own.)  I find them fascinating (and sometimes exhausting!)  They know a lot about superheroes, dinosaurs, bugs, superheroes, monster trucks, cars, superheroes, etc.  Most conversations revolve around the above topics. (at least in my house!) 

5 year old boys are also at that age where they think their mom is the most beautiful woman.  They aren’t yet embarassed to be hugged, kissed or hold hands in public.  Everything is an adventure, never boring!  Mostly, they are very loud!!! 

Yesterday I had a session with a family that are great friends of mine.  This first image pretty much sums up 5 year old boys in my book!  (Don’t worry C, there are other shots!)

hi, i\'m five

by shalimarb

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bethfuller - Hi there, Your photography is breathtaking! Somehow your website/blog showed up in my "blogstats" (tags about 5 year old most likely:)and I clicked on it to see your great work. I have five year old too, boy.....and I can talk about super heroes like nobody's business....I joke that Marvel is going to pick me up as an artist having drawn so many "guys" for my little guys (Jamie-5 and Colin-2.5)

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