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as a photographer, i’ve had the opportunity to do lots of really cool things.  i’ve stood steps away from rock stars and taken their picture, i have the privilege of photographing newborns who are days old, i capture images of families as they grow year after year.  really cool things.  amazing things.  but, yesterday. yesterday took the cake. what an honor it was to capture these moments for this family as they met their son for the first time.  i could go on and on about my experience with this amazing family – but i’ll let the emotion in the photos tell the story.

first, the waiting . . .











and then . . .












































by shalimarb

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Kate Gamble - Okay, so now I'm totally sitting here crying. I understand from my own experience what it felt like to go to great lengths to turn 2 into a family. These photo's are beautiful and they tell only the very beginning of what will hopefully be an amazingly awesome story. Congratulations to the family!!!

Missy Kenyon - These photos are amazing! I cried all over again. I just love how special people come into our lives just at the right time!

Christine Tomlin - Oh my gosh that was so wonderful thank u so very much For sharing that! And congratulations what a beautiful baby. Christine tomlin

Shruthi - Congratulations to the lucky parents and what a beautiful moment!Absolutely brilliant!

Pam Houtteman - The women (Kate) that commented earlier took the words right out of my mouth. Children are a blessing no matter how they come into our lives. Thanks to the family for allowing you share these beautiful photographs and as usual, Shalimar you did an wonderful job.

Christine - Omg! So glad my mascara is water resistant! Beautiful! Thanks to the family for sharing! Congratulations!

Zofia - Thanks so much for sharing these photos.Congratulations to the family.These photos made me happy crying.

Michelle Kwon - Didn't expect to have tears running down my face when I opened the FB link! Congratulations to the new parents! Thank you for capturing so wonderfully such a wide range of emotions and thank your clients for sharing such a precious event with us. I will give my kids an extra 100 kisses and hugs today.

Jolie - These photographs are so touching and truly spectacular. You captured every moment and told the story so beautifully. I am honored t you shared these and I only hope to be half the photographer you are one day.

Denise - Absolutely beautiful!

Carrie M Smith - These photos are priceless - how wonderful to capture this amazing moment. Congratulations!

Jane Williams - Mia& Matt..simply amazing...tears are still running down my face. God Bless

Sarah Black - This story, family and the photography is absolutely beautiful and incredibly moving. Thank you for sharing them with us. Now I have to reapply my eye makeup! Best of luck to the new family!

Kelly - Mary warned me to have the tissues ready and even that didn't prepare me. What amazing pictures - it makes us all feel like we were right there @ the airport with you. Again, I am so incredibly happy for you all!

Dianne Alton - Dear Shalimar, I can hardly see to write this as the tears stream down my husband and I were that couple 33 years ago next month. However we went Colombia to sweep up our joyous Kate who was 4 months old and lived wih a wonderful American family from the day she was born. We always flew the Colombian flag over Memorial Day weekend as we were in Bogota' on that day!...Blessings to that new family.

Jen Ottoson - Bawling. You captured every moment perfectly. You could tell from the moment the mom layed eyes on her son that they were meant to be together. It was an honor to see this experience and your gift of getting everything is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to the new family for sharing their beautiful meeting with us.

kkeberhard - thank you for sharing this emotional life changing moment. I am happy for all of you. xo

Jennifer Sater - I sit in awe, with tears streaming down my face while looking at these breathtaking photographs! What an amazing memory you have given Matt, Mia & Max. I am proud to say I know this family and the love they have to give their precious new son is astounding... The pictures capsure the magical moment perfectly!

Christine - Crying. Again. Dang it.

Kelly Russell - That is a great family and crying is all I do! Thank you for letting me see my Godson for the first time in his mom and dad's arms!

Stacey Clark - What a beautiful family. I am so happy for all three of you. After all you've been through, this moment and all the moments to come will prove it was all so worth it. I cried like a baby seeing the joy and love in your faces. Congratulations.

John Gillespie - Life can be so sweet. Thank you for sharing such an astounding moment with us. I wish you continued blessings!

Angela Fournier - I am so very happy for your both! What a wonderful gift you received!

Sue Schweihofer - Congratulations to all of you! He's one lucky boy!

Kris Furtaw - Priceless! Brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy for you and your new family. Thanks for sharing, God is good, no.....GREAT! All the best and congratulations.

Tiffany Ryskamp Wightman - Mia & Matt...Mary told me to check these out, and I am glad that I did. These are beautiful. May the Lord bless your family!

Anita Varty - Congratuations Mia and Matt! Brought tears to my eyes when I saw these pictures. What a gift to be able to see them. You will be such a good mom Mia. Enjoy every second.

Alex "Chip" Vargo - Their are no words that I can express as Matt's brother that I could attach to the above photographs. I have never seen such raw emotion on Mia and Matt's face as they see their son for the first time. Few of us will ever feel that. I am very proud of them both.

Jill Johnson - Before my eyes, my brother became a father.

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