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Sitting up!!! – Chicago Baby Photographer


Sitting up sessions are some of the best sessions!! Babies smiling, parents laughing, so much fun to be had! When babies are around 6 months old, I always recommend that families wait until their baby is sitting up solidly on their own to schedule their photo session. All babies are different, but the majority are doing so by about 8 months. It’s worth the wait to wait until this milestone! These sessions are much different than newborn sessions in that the baby is smiling, their personality


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Best friends and other things – Chicago child photographer

sibling photography

When I was a new mom and my boys were much younger, I met a mom who’s boys were older than mine but about the same difference in age as my boys. I noticed her boys playing in the park together. They were laughing, playing tag and getting on like the best of pals. Her and I struck up a conversation and I asked her about the age difference ( 2 1/2 years) and if her boys always got along so well. Her reply was perfect and is seared into my memory. “They’re best friends and mortal


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Sparty love x 2! – Twin photographer Chicago


I’ve been doing some much needed image updating on my website (check out my progress HERE) and came across these little sweeties. Being a Michigan State grad, I couldn’t resist taking this photo! Go Sparty!!

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A Thank You to Beyonce and Preparing for your Own Maternity Session – Chicago Maternity Photographer


I’d like to send Beyonce a big thank you note on behalf of the entire nation, maybe even the world. What an amazing break that was from the constant and seemingly endless barrage of politics, alternative facts and false news. Queen B knew exactly what we needed and she knew exactly how to deliver it. I think it’s safe to say that at least for a day, everyone was a part of the Bee Hive. I mean, absolutely everybody is talking about it!! Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune called me about


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Circle of Women – Chicago Portrait Photographer

Generation photography

“The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we are strong.”


To schedule your session call us at 773.230.5441 or email us at

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Time Marching On – Chicago Child Photographer


Year after year I have clients that come back to me, which is not only such a compliment but also such a joy because I get to see them again and see how they’ve grown and changed over the year. This is one of those clients – you may recognize his sweet little face. I love seeing it every year and seeing what new funny thing he’s doing and saying. He never disappoints!!

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My baby’s keeper – Chicago Newborn Photographer


When someone cares for your babies, they often become part of your family. At least that’s been my experience. So when the nanny babysitter person who makes my life easier and loves my kids told me that she was expecting a baby I knew that I just had to take photos of that little peanut when he arrived! It was really cool to see her with her own little person – she is so nurturing and loving with other people’s babies and now she can do that for her own.

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They’re back!!! Who I Am Tween sessions – Sunday, November 13th.


By popular demand (and because I absolutely LOVE these sessions!) I am opening up a weekend of these fun, confidence-boosting sessions. Bring your daughter, bring your neice, bring your friend! These sessions are specifically for girls ages 10-12. Why that age you ask? Think about yourself when you were that age? Awkward much? I know I certainly was!! On the cusp of the teenage years and not really sure of myself.

These sessions are a game-changer!  It’s not just about the photos! Build


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