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Glamour Studio Session – Chicago Glamour Photographer


“I will look at these everyday and I will smile.” That’s what she said she saw these images of herself. I couldn’t ask any better than that! Every woman deserves of a photo of herself that she absolutely loves. One that every time she sees it, she smiles.

Daddy and Me – Chicago Family Photographer


What could be better than seeing a Dad totally wrapped up in his kid? I love capturing these moments – when dad and kid connect. Happy Father’s Day to all of those celebrating this coming weekend!

Slow down! – Chicago Family Photographer


I’m feeling sappy today – and I’m not really sure why. I even made my kids let me take their photos before they went off to school, as if it were the first day of school. (to be fair, though, I am taking a class so I was practicing some new techniques.) When I sat down to write this post and I started looking at these images of this sweet family, it really made me think of time and how quickly it goes. Could I be anymore cliche? But, man, is it true.

Before I meet a family


Mommy and me – Chicago Family Photographer


Sessions when mom gets in the photos are my favorite types of sessions! True story.

Isn’t mom always the one who is the family historian? Always taking photos of everyone else, but not getting in the photo herself? I’m guilty of this too – once my son and I were flipping through family vacation photos from when he was very little. He turned to me and asked, “Mom, were you on this vacation?” Wow!! That was an eye opener. I tell moms who are a little reluctant to get


Looks of Love – Chicago Family Photographer


I love this image of my beautiful client. I mean, she’s gorgeous and she always looks radiant. But you know what I love the most? I love how her husband and youngest son are looking at her. Like she’s the only woman in the world. And to them, she is. 

I hope she knows that. Maybe every time she looks at this image she will be reminded. 

Being a mom isn’t easy. (Thanks, Captain Obvious!) It moves at a fast pace. It’s messy. There is usually crying involved – sometimes from


Complete connection – Chicago Newborn Photographer


It’s always a privilege to photograph a family – whether it’s to capture a milestone or a new baby or yearly photos. For the time I spend with that family, I feel a part of it. I feel connected. I’m getting a peek into their lives, their interaction, love and connection. And that’s what I want the images to show.

I have a questionnaire that I send out to clients before our session and one of the questions I ask is “What do you want your children to see in these


Hold the Cheese! – Chicago Kid Photographer


I’ve been going thru photos as I prepare for a website re-vamp. I came across this little sweetie and the non-smiling image really caught my eye. Kids don’t always want to smile for photos – and that is OK! Personally, sometimes I like the non-smiling photos better and I’ll take non-smiling over fake smile any day of the week! Another reason why I will never ask a child to say “cheese!” What I will do is some pretty silly things to elicit a real smile from a


Be Yourself! – Chicago Child Photographer