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Category Archives: Professional Photographer

All smiles – Chicago Portrait Photographer


The only thing I like more than watching a mother look at photos of her child(ren) from a session is watching a woman look at photos of herself from a fashion-inspired photo session! I love this! It give me chills every time! It usually goes like this – I show them the photos, they look at the photos, they look at me, sometimes a gasp is heard, sometimes a “is that me?!”, sometimes a tissue is needed. This beautiful woman had THE best thing to say – “It makes me smile


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girl crush – chicago headshot photographer


Let’s talk girl crushes for a minute. everyone has one.  Some have a crush on Gywneth, while others have one on Princess Kate. Currently mine are Brittany Howard, lead singer/guitarist of the Alabama Shakes and Noelle Scaggs, the co-lead singer/songwriter for the Fitz and the Tantrums. (see a theme here?) I think I may just add someone a little more local to my list. Enter – Chris Bell – owner of the store Flatts


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rock on!!!!


the 2014 grammys are upon us!  as a music lover, i’m always interested to see which bands win awards, although most of my favorite bands tend not to be in the mainstream.

it is a little known fact that i used to shoot bands.  for those that know me, as you can imagine, this was a dream come true.  i love music, i love live music.  so to combine my love of music with my love of photography was amazing!!!  as the baby/family side of my business became busier and as my children started


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this was such an amazing day shooting these beautiful women!

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i know you.


you’re a wife. a mother. a chauffer. a referee. a short-order cook. a teacher. a housekeeper. an event planner. a nose wiper. a diaper changer. a magician. an accountant. a chauffer (yes, i said that twice!), a laundress, a secretary, a house manager, a coach, a cheerleader, an “ouchie” kisser, a hairdresser, a bad-dream soother, etc, etc, etc, etc . . .

and you’re always last on the list. last to eat dinner. last to go to bed (but the first up in the morning). last on


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please watch!!!

in the very near future shalimar b photography will be launching a new component to the studio . . . when i was recently emailed this Dove video i thought it was a perfect teaser and what i hope to do for clients.  stay tuned . . .

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(soon to be) wedded bliss!!


it is so very flattering when a fellow photographer asks me to photograph them – and this beautiful bride-to-be is one talented photographer!  check her out at!

I love this couple and was so excited to be asked to take their engagement photos – as you can probably tell, they are a ton of fun!!  can’t wait for the wedding –  yee haw!!!!

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DailyCandy Kids!!!!!


that’s right!  shalimar b photography is featured in today’s DailyCandy Kids!!!  check us out!!!

also – check out this beauty – she was so fun, laughing almost the entire time!

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