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Category Archives: Professional Photographer

tips for taking great photos of your kids!

the midwest has been hammered with the blizzard of 2011!!  and if your family is anything like mine, you’ve been out with your kids enjoying the snow.  what a great time to capture some family photos to remember this occasion!  here are some tips to help you take some awesome photos:

1.  get down to their level to show how much snow is surrounding them.

2.  zoom in to capture their snow-covered faces.

3. action shots!!!  jumping into a snowdrift or making a snow angel.

4. once inside


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What fun as chicago photographer!

This mother was so much fun to shoot! Just produced great shots and now I know why I love being a chicago photographer so much. She was so beautiful and would stop at nothing to work with me in getting that perfect maternity photographer shot. A great smile and figure – so amazing!  She also had so much fun giving the camera those goofy looks. The best pregnancy photography subject ever.

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snips, snails and puppy dog tails

you know the poem. that poem makes the point that boys are very different than girls – a sentiment that i agree with whole heartedly! being the mom of two very active boys myself – i could totally relate to this family. these boys were on the move – but so very sweet. look at those blue eyes! and that red hair! how could you not fall in love at first sight?

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just in time!

on sunday i had an outdoor session with a great family – we did it just in time!  just in time for what?  on my way home it started pouring!!!  while i have a feeling the little guy would have liked to play in the rain, the rest of us wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much!

These kids were fantastic!  now, I have nothing against princesses or people that like princesses, but i was never a princess kind of girl.  so, when i find someone else that isn’t a princess kind of


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Blogging is fun!

This is my first official blog – ever – anywhere! I was never one to keep a diary – I’d start out OK, but could never keep it up. But as a professional chicago photographer, this will be different – because #1 I’m always on my computer so it’ll be easy to remember to blog and #2 I don’t typically hide my computer (like I did diaries and then proceed to forget where I hid them!)

I hope to use this blog as a way to post “sneak peek&#8221


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