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Go Cubbies Go! – Chicago Kid’s Photographer


This little guy knows the Cubs are number one!! And I’m sure his family will be root, root rooting for the Cubbies tonight as they beat the Mets in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. What an exciting time to be a baseball fan in the city of Chicago! Let’s Go Cubbies!!!

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these boys may look completely opposite, but they were both so sweet and they were both ALL BOY!

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i heart boys


not that i don’t love girls, too!  but, being a mom of two boys, i get boys.  i get that they love to run in the big open space of the studio, i mean really, they can’t help themselves!!  i get that a sweet hug between two boys can quickly turn to WWE-like wrestling.  i get it. i’m ok with it. especially when you see the smiles that it brings on . . . 

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2 + 1 = fun, fun, fun!!


it was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous family!!

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me and my cousins and you and your cousins . . .


i took photos of both of these boys when they were just days old . . . and now they are best buds!

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sneak peek


little boys are hilarious.  do they ever stop?  as a mom of boys i can tell you definitively – no, they do not!!  but, i wouldn’t want it any other way!

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just making conversation

Retrum32bw hi-res

i was working on this image and just had to post it . . . don’t you wonder what they are discussing?  is he giving brotherly advice? or just making conversation?  many of you know that i have two boys myself – ages 8 and 5.  today was a rough morning – fighting, kicking and screaming.  i made them hold hands all the way to school – by the time we got there they were both laughing.  this image reminded me that there are times when my boys are like this – best


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boy humor


what are these boys laughing at?  i’ll never tell – but if you are a mom (dad, grandma, babysitter, etc) of boys i bet you could guess . . .






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