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sunshine and bubbles – chicago baby photographer


it may be 40 below here in chicago (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration) but we can still stay inside the studio where it’s nice and toasty and sunny and blow bubbles and not even think about the arctic tundra that is happening outside. at least that’s my plan…and i’m sticking to it!!!

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babies and brothers


what a difference a year makes! just last year around this time this sweet boy was in my studio and now he’s back with his new little best friend! i’ve said it before that i have a soft spot for brothers and these two were a perfect example of why. sweet and loving, but with a touch of rough and tumble. hugs and kisses, but with a poke in the eye and yank of the ear. years ago when my two were younger and it seemed like they were fighting each other more than they were loving each


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turning bad days to good


i don’t know too many people that can say that if they are having a lousy day it will be better once they go to work – but i sure can!!!!!

it always amazes me! not that i have a ton of bad days – i don’t (thankfully!) but you know how life is. . . we all have things going on .  .  . things on our mind . . . stress, anxiety, etc. but when i walk into a photo session everything just melts away.  anything that was bothering me is suddenly gone, completely forgotten and all


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beach day!

child photography

love seeing these girls every year when they come to visit their cousins and grandma all the way from Paris!

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face of an angel

baby photography

this baby couldn’t be any sweeter – check out another photo of her and her daddy on instagram (oh yeah, and follow me while you’re at it! @shalimarbphoto)

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sneak peek!


i look forward to my session with this little girl every year (not only to see her, but her awesome mom too!!)  i’ve been taking her photo since she was 3 months old!  she’s turning 6 next month – i can’t believe it!

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chicago weather??


just when i think that the weather is going to change and sessions will have to be indoors – i’m pleasantly surprised!  anyway, look at the blue eyes on these two (not to mention the eyelashes!)

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who’s that girl?


i always get that question.  well, really it’s usually who’s that little girl with the eyelashes?  who’s that beautiful little girl?  if you’ve been on my blog before or my facebook page then you know who i’m talking about.  if not, then look up – you’ll see her.  isn’t she delicious?  i’ve been photographing her since she was teeny-tiny and yes, she’s always had those eyelashes – they just keep getting longer.  this was


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