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3 tips to take better photos of your kids – Chicago Family Photography


Now that it’s summer, you may be taking more photos of your kids – either on vacation, or because of the holiday. Whatever the reason – here are 3 ways to improve those images:

1. Get down to their level. To really connect and make the photo seem more natural, get down to your kids’ level. Think about it, would you want to take a photo with your neck strained looking up? I wouldn’t! When you get down to their size, it’s less overwhelming for them.



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What to Wear Wednesday – Chicago Family Photographer

Let Mom shine in this week’s pick! I love bright, vibrant colors for photos – I always tell my clients – don’t be afraid of colors for photos! You don’t have to wear black and white for photos!!!

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authentic –  {aw-then-tik}   adjective

– not false or copied;  genuine;  real.

can you be authentic if you’re wearing a fake smile?  can you be genuine if you’re saying “cheeeeeeese?”  is it real if your kids are sitting still and doing the two aforementioned?  i don’t think so . . .

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