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Tag Archives: fun

cool kid, big personality


this kid cracks me up.  notice the gap in his teeth – he just lost that tooth – and the tooth fairy was very, very generous!  the tooth fairy that visits my house is much more frugal!

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sneak peek


this was one of those sessions where i leave saying, “i can’t believe i get paid to do this!”  these boys were so fun and funny – we were all cracking each other up.  all brothers should get along so well!

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sneak peek


i love photographing these kids!  such great personalities and always so fun!  one of these days i’ll get mom and dad in a photo (or two!)

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on a roll . . .


with editing and blogging!  let’s hope i keep it up!  i’ve done quite a few sessions like this one – with multiple families and i have to say – i love them!!!  i love to see the interactions between the kids, the parents and it’s always such a fun time!

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lucky girl


. . . that’s what i am.  at least i feel lucky, when i get to have a day like this!!  playing at the park with two fun (and funny!) kids!

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sneak peek!


the sky was threatening rain for this entire session – but this family was so much fun i don’t think the rain would’ve stopped us!

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fun at the studio


had such fun in the studio with this little beauty!  she was a little shy at first, but believe me when i say that didn’t last long!  pretty soon she was laughing and having so much fun . . .

here’s what shy looks like:

the rest is just plain ol’ fun!

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mr. smiles


busy weekend with lots of fun sessions!

this little guy was so smiley and such a trooper!!!  i could’ve taken pictures of him all day!

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