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that’s what it’s been over here – newborns everywhere!!  tiny fingers, itty bitty toes, and so sleepy (everyone – the moms, the dads and the babies!)  here’s some images from some recent sessions.

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a day with the girls


as a mom of two boys, it’s always fun for me to spend a day with a bunch of girls!  this was one of those days!  i got to go thru girl clothes and girl toys and just see what it’s like to live in a house full of estrogen!!

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miss mary mack, mack, mack


that was this little one’s favorite song!!!  we listened to it a lot during our session – like, the whole time!  dad wanted to change the song but little miss would have none of it!  i thought it was great.  definitely a girl who knows what she wants!!!

i had so much fun with these two sisters  – such little sweeties.  mom and dad were cool, too!  love capturing those newborn sleeping smiles – what in the world are they thinking??  that it’s great to be a newborn


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little miss s was so sweet – we chatted and had so much fun the entire time i was with her.  we talked about princesses and the colors of the rainbow – all sorts of things!  miss s is already a little sister, but soon she’ll be a big sister!!  stay tuned . . . 


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growing up

this beauty was one of my oldest son’s first friends.   i met her mom at a playgroup that had about 30 moms (no joke!).  we happened to sit next to each other and as we started talking, we realized we had much in common.  about a year after that we realized we were married in the same church in michigan – two months apart.  needless to say, this family has become some of our best friends!  it’s been so great to watch


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3 sweet boys + 1 sweet girl=1 beautiful family

after being on vacation for two weeks, i came back to the best session!

despite having three small boys and one brand new baby girl – this mom was as cool as a cucumber.  she took everything in stride, looked amazing and was as sweet as she could be.  the boys were so cute and fun and loved hamming it up for the camera – there was a bit of wrestling going on!  and the little ones, well, i just wanted to take them home with me!!


enjoy the sneak peek!!

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