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Just one – Chicago Portrait Photographer


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I hear this all the time. “Just one. That’s all I need is just one good photo of myself.”

I think everyone deserves AT LEAST one good photo of themselves! One photo that makes them feel beautiful. One photo that every time they look at it, they smile. One photo that they want to keep forever. One photo that they would love to display


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mother’s day


i’d wager that if you ask the average 2-6 year old girl who the most beautiful woman in the world is, after they answer (insert current Disney princess name here) their reply would be their own mother.  i talk to many, many little girls over the course of a year so i think i may have an inside scoop. as little girls our moms are our first role models and they give us the first glimpse of what it means to be a woman.  i remember watching my mom getting ready for fancy nights out, they probably


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i know you.


you’re a wife. a mother. a chauffer. a referee. a short-order cook. a teacher. a housekeeper. an event planner. a nose wiper. a diaper changer. a magician. an accountant. a chauffer (yes, i said that twice!), a laundress, a secretary, a house manager, a coach, a cheerleader, an “ouchie” kisser, a hairdresser, a bad-dream soother, etc, etc, etc, etc . . .

and you’re always last on the list. last to eat dinner. last to go to bed (but the first up in the morning). last on


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