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one of my dearest friends often says “choose joy”  when faced with life’s dramas and chaos.  when i hear her say it, or text it or facebook it, i always think about not only choosing joy, but also looking for it in my daily life.  i look for it in myself, my kids, friends and often people i don’t know.  kids playing in a park, kids getting picked up at school that are so excited to see the person picking them up, people greeting others at airports, and most often i


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sweet baby boy


this family drove quite a way to come and see me – i’m so glad they did so i could see this guy’s sweet little face!

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waiting for baby . . .


i know i’ve said this before, but who looks this good pregnant??!!! such a gorgeous mom-to-be! and such a fun couple to spend time with – can’t wait to meet their sweet little baby!!

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michigan girls


isn’t it so great when you meet someone from your home town?  this gorgeous mom and i got to talking about where we grew up and it turns out we’re from the same town in michigan and even went to the same elementary school (yes, i am much, much older than her – but who asked you?!) 🙂  anyway, it made this great session even better!!

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santa’s elf


santa should be so lucky to have an elf as cute as this!

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cutest little reindeer


rudolph has nothing on this kid . . .

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still giving thanks . . .


her smile was infectious . . .

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giving thanks


this week, like many, i am giving thanks.  and one of the things i am most thankful for is that i have found my passion.  i am so very lucky to do what i love and even though i am in the thick of the holiday card madness, i never, ever forget that.

i mean, look at these sweet babies . . . it just doesn’t get any better than this.

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