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i’m not very photogenic.


if i had a nickel for everytime a woman said that to me, i’d have a lot of extra $$ to spend!!!!  if i had a dollar for everytime a man said that to me, i’d have about one extra dollar.  little kids don’t say it.  tween and teen girls don’t say it. if you’ve ever followed one on instagram and seen all of the selfies, you KNOW that’s true!!! but that’s a good thing!  i love that!! i pray for those girls that it stays that way for their entire


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mother’s day


i’d wager that if you ask the average 2-6 year old girl who the most beautiful woman in the world is, after they answer (insert current Disney princess name here) their reply would be their own mother.  i talk to many, many little girls over the course of a year so i think i may have an inside scoop. as little girls our moms are our first role models and they give us the first glimpse of what it means to be a woman.  i remember watching my mom getting ready for fancy nights out, they probably


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mom, mommy, mama, ma, momma, mother . . .


whatever it is that you are called, isn’t it amazing you can tell when it’s your little one yelling it from across the store, or at Pump It Up, Chuck E. Cheese, etc?  

I’ve nagged, preached, begged, blogged about how important I think it is for mom’s to get in the photos with their kids.  I recently reposted <span


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time is flying!


another family that i’ve been working with for awhile – starting with newborn photos of big brother – time flies!!!!

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check this out!


One of my fabulous clients and her family are being featured on the Northwestern Memorial Hospital home page – her story is AMAZING!  And, they’re using one of my photos of her beautiful twin girls!  Congratulations Sheri!!

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